Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The #LatencyTipOfTheDay blog

This blog is meant to capture short (as in tweet-able) tips and observations about latency: Its understanding, its measurement, and maybe even itss improvement. In the blog, I may expand on specific tip entries. Many times in rant form. Comments telling me how wrong I am are welcome.

Some of you may know me as that guy on the soapbox, with talks titles like "How NOT to measure latency".  Ranting is usually not my style. Beyond just going around and pointing out what is wrong with what everyone else is doing, I do try to actually improve the state of things by making free and open tools available for the latency enlightened. See HdrHistogramjHiccup, and LatencyUtils , and PauselessHashMap for some examples.

But when it comes to Latency recording, measurement, monitoring, and overall understanding,  I'd like to think that my frequent "this is horribly wrong" observations have to with how bad things really are.

So here I do rant. A lot. So bear with it or go somewhere else. I do have other blogs, a day job, and I tend to post a lot on the mechanical sympathy Google group. I hope I sound more hopeful there.

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